Battery Life Questions

How long can we expect the internal rechargable battery that comes with the Clip to last (in terms of charge cycles or total number of hours of use)?

What is the best way to handle recharging of the battery to get the longest possible life out of it? Should we top it off every day? Should we wait until the charge is almost depleted (or down to a certain percentage) before recharging it?

Once the internal battery finally does give up the ghost, will we still be able to play the Clip when connected to an A/C adapter or a car cigarette lighter adapter as we can now?

If the answer to the last question is “yes,” will we still be able to add and remove content by connecting the Clip to our computer via the USB cable?

I suppose that even if the battery lasts only two years, by that time we’ll be able to get a 32GB equivalent of the Clip for the same price as a 2GB one costs today (going on the theory that storage space doubles every six months while price holds constant).

Thanks for the help.

The battery is speced to retain 80% of its capacity after 500 full cycles of charge.  I think topping it off is a fine idea and should not hurt it.  The USB port can be used to supply the device power even if the battery cant hold charge.