Sansa Clip 4GB

I bought a 4GB Sansa Clip + one girl at Christmas that brought U.S. and 28/03 yesterday and I was running on the beach in the middle it started to rain a lot. I tried to protect the clothing as more rain was too strong, he soaked a poucom, I got home was functioning normally, more to insert music stopped working.
Please help me, I like him very much and wish I could fix it, because I do not have the funds to buy another at this time.
I look back, thanks.

Shake out as much water as you can, put the player in a warm location, and let it dry out thoroughly–many days.  And then you can try it again/charge it and try it again.

As soon as the Clip got wet, you should have turned it off and let it dry thoroughly.  Water and electronics do not mix.