wall charger/travel case for clip+ 4 GB

can’t find a wall charger for sansa clip+ mp3 player. Will the charger for the older model clip work ? Same question for the travel case.

Charger? Yes.

Travel Case? Don’t know; haven’t seen it.

The Clip+ will use any standard USB charger; 5V and 500mA (or a bit less amperage is fine).  Lots of them out there, and many from “name” manufacturers (Macally, Belkin, DLO, FiiO, etc.); some cell chargers and GPS chargers also will work.

Not sure what you mean by travel case; if you’re referring to a case for the Clip+ like the silicone cases that are around for the Clip, the Clip+ uses a slightly different design than the Clip.  It can be found at various places, including on eBay and at Amazon.com.