Sansa Clip 4GB Battery Drain Since Firmware Update

I have had my Sansa Clip 4GB for almost three years now.  For most of that time I have been extremely happy with the player, no complaints; that is until I updated the firmware to V01.01.35A.  Since updating, the battery does not last a day, even with the player turned off for the entire day.  After a full charge, no matter how I turn the device off, either by holding the slide up for two seconds, or by pausing the track and letting it auto-shutdown, the player will, throughout the day completely discharge while turned off.  It’s as if something inside the device is still drawing power. 

Has anyone else had this problem?  Does anyone have a solution? 

I did a search of the forum and found many battery threads, but none addressed my specific problem.  Please help!


I haven’t had this–very odd.  I would try reapplying the firmware–perhaps something went wonky with the install.

How do I go about reapplying the firmware, is it through the Sansa Updater?

There’s a sticky thread on this very topic at the top of this forum–check it out.

I am experiencing the same problem with ‘battery drain’ and in conjunction with the drain, Windows Media Player does not recognize or cannot access any of the music and other files on my sansa + 4 clip.  I can still listen to the music stored on the clip but battery drain is suddenly at a drastically quicker pace.


Refer to the post directly above yours …    :wink:

I don’t  know what a sticky thread is and if there is a fix to the battery drain of my Sansa Clip + 4.  

A ‘sticky’ post or thread is _ stuck _ at the top of the 1st page of all the boards here (the same as with any forum). These are usually announcements or important information that people frequently look for. This way they can always be found and not get lost amongst the mix of all the other messages. On this foum, the stickies are shaded grey as another visual clue to their prominence and location.

There is no known ‘battery drain’ issue with the Clip+. You and the OP are the only ones (to my knowledge) that have reported this behavior. Sounds like you might have a defective unit. You should call SanDisk Tech Support if it is still under waranty about a possible replacement.

When you update the firmware, the backlight is reset to maximum brightness and maximum time. You need to reset these to a low level, otherwise the battery power will be used up rapidly when using the player. Also remember to reset the USB mode after a firmware update, as the update sets it to autodefect.

I have the Clip +, have not done any intentional formware updates (how do I check my current level?) and am having the short battery life issue, as well.

Also, I do not see a greyed sticky thread at top.

On the player, under system info., it lists the firmware version.

And the firmware upgrade sticky thread is the sixth from the top, at the top of the Clip/Clip+ forum–the most recent firmware version is listed there.