Sansa clip 2 Gb tries to charge but quits

My Sansa Clip 2 Gb starts to charge but quits after about 20 seconds.  It still stays connected the battery icon remains empty.  Because of this I can’t keep the unit ON to perform any operations.  Help is appreciated.

Check these forums for how to Force it in to MSC mode. Then See if it charges. Also make sure Windows Media Player 11 is installed on your PC, even if you dont intend to use it, WMP 11 has MTP drivers with it and this is often the solution for it not chargeing.

The problem was solved by Sandisk.  Their solution is shown below:

If the player is not charging, there may be more than one reason.

First, your Sansa Mp3 player should be charging once connected to a computer which meets the system requirements:

–Windows XP or Vista
–Windows Media player version 10 or 11

The initial charging time is 3 to 4 hours. The battery status will be completely shaded once fully charged.

Secondly, if your player’s part or entire memory is corrupted, the player repeats to read the memory again and again so this drains battery faster, we have to format your Sansa Mp3 player.


  1. Turn off the player. You may need to slide up and hold the power switch to completely turn off the player.
  2. Enable HOLD switch (orange should be visible) and press and hold center button while plugging the player to the computer. Do not let go yet of these button until you see connected status on the player.
  3. Single-right click on My Computer located in your desktop. Choose “Manage” from the menu. On the Computer Management window single-click on Disk Management on the left pane. Look for “Removable Disk drive” icon with a drive letter in the right pane and single right-click it and select “Format”.
  4. Make sure of these fields on the Format dialog:

File System = FAT32
Quick Format should NOT be checked

  1. Click on Start. Confirm on notification.

  2. Test the device by transferring music to the player.

Lastly, this is caused firmware corruption or failure. We need to update your player’s firmware manually to remove this corruption.

Sansa Clip Firmware Download update:

  1. Turn off you Mp3 player
  2. Put the device in Hold (move Hold button until orange is showing)
  3. Press and hold the Center Button
  4. Plug the mini-USB connector into the device (be sure the USB is plugged into the computer)
  5. Download and Extract the .zip file into a folder on your desktop:

Click Here for the Sansa Clip Mp3 Player Firmware update file

  1. Once extracted, drag the file or copy the *.BIN file to the root directory of your Sansa Clip.
  2. Disconnect the Sansa Clip and let it restart.
  3. The firmware update will now begin.
    9 Once it finally finishes doing its update, it will boot back up. Once its back to the main menu, head to “Settings” > “System Info”, and verify the “Version” is now 01.01.30A.

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