Sansa and the new VW Golf mk6

I was pleased to find my new VW Golf had a MDI (Music Device Interface) which should allow my Sansa clip to work via the radio.

Unfortunately the Sansa just seems to freeze, has anybody had any success making the connection?

Are you trying the Media-In mode on the radio head?  Let me know if you have the RNS-510 radio (navigation) or a different model.  The media-in function in its most basic form is designed to read a flash memory, but several players are supported with the current firmware of the radio head.

I have seen that there are different adaptor cables available for media port, packaged separately from the vehicle at delivery.  There are also different adaptors available through the dealership parts department.

Once I know the model of your radio, and the vehicle setup, perhaps we can find a solution.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:


I too have this problem with my recently purchased Sansa Clip 8GB in my VW Golf mk6.

Given that the objective of the purchase was to use it in the car I am rather frustrated and disappointed!

The car unit is the standard RCD 310.  I have the relevant cable that came with the car which connects from the USB cable supplied with the Sansa Clip to the Media In connection in the car.

The Sansa Clip tells me that it is “Connected”, however the car stereo unit does not show up anything on it’s display when I press the “Media In” button.

No matter what buttons I press, I can’t get it to display, navigate and play.  Eventually the Sansa Clip freezes completely and no buttons respond (even after unplugging it from the car connection.

My friends Sony MP3 player works with the VW supplied Media-In cable and I have also tried an iPod with the iPod connector cable that also came with the car.  Both of these work fine.

Is there a solution for this or should I return and ask for a refund?

Any advice would be much appreciated.


Try switching USB modes. It probably needs for the player to be in MSC mode to be able to read it as a flash drive or ‘dumb’ memory space.

Hi - appreciate your reply…could you explain how I go about switching the player to MSC mode?  There is nothing in the limited manual that came with the player.  Many thanks. Gavin

…sorry, please ignore previous post, I have just Googled it.  Will give it a try. Thanks.

…update : Player suggested this was already in MSC mode.  However, I reformatted the disc, ensured that the MSC USB mode was selected, recopied the music from PC and it works!  Note for anyone else, it takes between 20 and 40 seconds for the car unit to initialise and then it works a treat 

MANY THANKS - I was thinking this would need to be returned.