Sansa 4 GB will not connect to my LG Stereo

I had a Sansa 2GB and it would connect to my stereo via the usb port.  But I upgraded to the 4gb and it will show up on the mp3 as connected but will not show songs from it.  Any ideas on how to fix the problem?

Try switching the USB mode in Settings > System Settings on your Fuze. I’m thinking your stereo would be looking for MSC (basic flash drive) mode, but try MTP too if that doensn’t work. Don’t use the Auto Defect setting.

Are you sure the USB mode on the player is set to MSC?

I have tried switching the USB mode to all the settings.  Thanks for trying to help.  I just dont understand why my 2gb that is my sons will play from the stereo, but the 4 wont.  Any other ideas

Try putting the music in the root of the player rather than in the music folder, and have the USB mode set to msc. Are you sure your music is mp3 files? Some car stereos only play mp3 files.