Sandisk Ultra Fit 128GB, speed <10Mo/s ?

Hi everybody,

I bought an usb key Ultra Fit 128GB for my tablet.

I need to store files higher than 4Go then I formatted it in NTFS 4k.

With windows and linux, the writing speed doesn’t go above 10Mo/s and sometimes it stops to transfert …

I wanted to buy an Extreme Pro but I am afraid I’ll get the same speed problem since the benchmark of the Utlra Fit is very good.

I don’t trust Crystalmark benchmarks anymore. The usb key became useless for me, 10Mo/s is bull****, my internet bandwidth is higher than this.

Which system file am I supposed to use ?

Thank you.

Drives larger than 32GB are factory formated as exFAT which handles large files and doesn’t have journeling like NTFS… 

If you get a new drive try it before reformating it and see what the speed is. 

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I have also a 32Go usb drive.

The speed is 40Mo/s for the first 20sec, afterthat it’s below 10Mo/s. I read in this forum this is the result of the heat.

I will try with exFAT.

Thank you :wink: