Sandisk Ultra 3.0 16Gb

Hi all… 

i have a problem… i have some files on my Thumb Drive… i did not delete or move it anywhere else… and now it shows EMPTY!!

Disk capacity available is 16GB/16GB… where did my files go to??

im using mac OS… pls help!! thanks!

:smiley:   Hi Joelabu,

Dear member of SanDisk Community, welcome.

  • Please, try other ports on the Mac (maybe the flash drive, needs more power).

  • Also, can you try your Sandisk Ultra 3.0 of 16Gb, on a PC (win)?

  • And then you tell us, what happened.


Regards, Alfred.                                  (Google translated)

When you loaded files on this thumb drive, did you use a MAC or WIndows? I’d certainly check with a Windows PC first and see if it will yield with a different result.