Sandisk Ultra 16GB 30mb/s

So I had purchased the Sandisk Ultra 16GB 30mb/s and had used it in my camera to take pictures. It only has pictures and videos on it from my camera. When I take the Sandisk out and put it in my computer slot to upload my pictures from the sandisk, I go through My Computers and then I click on the drive for the Sandisk and when it opens up, I get folders like this:

Typically, the pictures would be in the DCIM, so I click on that folder and I get this error:[/IMG]

The pictures are on the Sandisk because I can view them in the camera and when the Sandisk is in my computer, it says how much space is left on the Sandisk and that it’s 3/4 full. I cannot get access to my pictures and I do not know what to do. For the “vauufugx.exe” I had googled and nothing came up. I am completely stumped and do not know what to do! My Sandisk was working prior to this and I had uploaded some of my pictures. Now this randomly happened and I don’t know why. I’ve also tried it on a different computer. Any help?

This is my card: