SanDisk U100 128GB (SDSA5JK)

My ASUS UX31 laptop got liquid on it, and now it doesn’t turn on anymore. I’m trying to save the data. We removed the hard drive: Samsung SDSA5JK. I believe it’s the same as SanDisk U100 128 GB.

My question: How do I access the data?  Can I buy a USB adapter cable, like this



You best bet would be to contact Samsung or ASUS. No guarantee this is the same as a sandisk u100

I contacted ASUS and the person who answered was like a robot. She would not give me the answer. “I am sorry, we do not provide assistance on backup.” That is all she would say.

According to one expert who examined the SSD:

“Taking a closer look at the SSD information with CrystalDiskInfo v4.6.0 we see that the SSD is a SanDisk U100 128GB model that is running on a SATA III 6Gbps interface, which is correct.  It looks like this drive supports TRIM functionality, which will help keep drive performance pristine. Many of the Ultrabooks on the market don’t come with SATA III drives in them, so we have high hopes for storage performance!”

Does this give any clues as to which USB adapter I can buy to read the data?

not really. the u100 has several different form factors. see below, it has half slim SATA, mSATA, and mSATA mini connectors. ASUS should be able to tell you exactly what interface the computer uses.

I have the same problem. I’m trying to save the data from a SANDISK SDSA5JK.

Is it valid the one that MAscusTroy wrote in the first post? 


I know this is 6 years later, but… I have the same problem. I was woundering if you solved the problem. And what kind of adapter was used?

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