Sandisk SSD Extreme portable data corruption (1TB)

Hi all,

hope you can help or advise.

i purchased the above drive to complement my iPad Pro to support my video editing and device backups.

i have been using the drive for about 4 months and recently noticed that some of my videos I copied to the drive appear to be corrupt.

its difficult to see as the iPadOS doesn’t report on any data errors, so the only way to check is by visually checking the video during playback. The issue appears as a stutter, the source file is ok. Only the copied file seems to be affected, I confirmed it wasn’t an interface speed problem by copying it back to the iPad file system and playing back the file, whereby it also stuttered indicating the file was corrupt during transfer.

ive been trying many things to try and understand the issue, at first I thought it was the drive, but it happens when I connect another Sandisk usb 3.0 flash drive too. Both drives are formatted extFat so the iPadOS can read them. When connected to a PC, it reports an error and prompts to run a disk check, which finds a number of files (sectors/blocks?) in error. When I reformat the drive and run chkdsk from the command line, the report is all ok.

when I reconnect the drive back to my iPad and copy a file to it, reconnecting the drive to the pc gives the same error message again. I feel sure it’s something to do with the iPadOS, maybe the fact that unlike Windows, you cannot prepare the drive for disconnection, but not sure, so want to ask here if anybody else has experienced this issue? How do you all disconnect your external drives from your iDevices?

Looking forward to your responses,


Hi. I understand you issue. First, please be aware using new IpadOS 'cause it can run a lot of apps for monitoring child’s iphone so please always check running apps list before doing something