ipad pro no linger recognizes Sandisk ixpand sdix30 60 gb

I used the flash drive to transfer PowerPoints from my HP PC to the flash drive so that I can show them on my iPad pro. on 9/30/16, my iPad no longer recognizes that the drive is even plugged in. I’ve restarted the ipad, closed and reopened the app, uninstalled and reinstalled the app, and nothing works. The app no longer opens automatically when I plug the drive in and when I manually open the app it tells me to insert the drive when it’s already in. I don’t think the ipad is defective because it can be charged and can charge my apple pencil just fine through the lightning port. The USB drive still works fine for my HP PC.

do you have any other iOS device to test it with? If it is not working on other iOS devices it may have a bad lightning connector. if that is the case contact sandisk support to check warranty status.