Sandisk SSD Extreme 120GB doesn't work in 2006 Macbook

While I can connect to this drive with a USB/SATA enclosure (which I used for cloning my old drive), I can’t get the SSD to work when it is fitted to the Mac SATA-I directly.  Any ideas?  Doens’t seem like there are any switches/configuration to play with.

If I remember correctly older MACs 2009 and prior require a device that is SATA I speed and if it is higher it has to have a jumper that sets the device to SATA I. The sanding extreme is a SATA III and does not have any jumper setting. If I can find the forum posts about it I will post them later. 

Fact of the matter is you are using an old host by today’s standards and unfortunately you may not be able to use the new technology drives in it.