SSD 480 limited to 3 Gbits instead 6Gbits


I’ve bought a sandisk SSD 480 6 months ago. I’ve used it in my macbook pro early 2008 with sata limited to 3Gbits. It works fine.

Today I’ve bought a new macbook pro “classic” with SATA III 6Gbits. I was very disapointed to see that my ssd wasn’t able to support 6Gbits transferts!

Does it exist a firmware to improve this?

did you use the mac FW that locks it as 3Gb? if so make sure and reflash the FW with the reversal FW in the MAC FW thread stickied at the top of this board.

The first tim I’v put the ssd in my new book pro, it was limited to 1.5Gbits.

After upgrade, it is limited to 3Gbits.

I’m lookin for the right firmware but i don’t find it. I’m very angry against Sandisk… Normally I’ve don’t have to do all these stuff to activate the maximum speed…

in this thread use the R211R firmware. that should reverse any 3Gb lock on the drive. 

Many thanks, it’s works! Now, I have 6 Gbits.

I’m still angry against sandisk because I’have to burn a disk (we are in 2013!) to do it!

There are utilities to convert an ISO to a bootable USB drive. WinUSB Maker is one of them.