SanDisk SSD drive


120 GB Reliable, fast and more capable

SanDisk, a pioneer in solid state storage technologies and brand reliability, delivers improved speed and performance with SanDisk SSD Plus. You will appreciate faster startup, shutdown, data transfer and application response time than hard drives 1. SanDisk SSD Plus also provides quiet, reliable performance and 3 panel status monitoring for your favorite media applications.
Extend the life of laptops or desktops
Upgrade your laptop or desktop computer with a fast, reliable hard drive from a trusted global brand and suddenly your old computer works and feels like a new machine with boot, shutdown and application faster response time
Start, shutdown and application feedback
faster sequential read speeds of up to 545MB / s ** and sequential write speeds up to 450MB / s ** translate into better performance for everything you do, faster than conventional hard drives
Durable solid state design
Without moving parts, SanDisk SSD Plus is designed to resist shocks and vibrations, keeping your data safe through bumps and bruises of life.
Ideal for typical PC workloads
SanDisk SSDs provide SLC caching to increase write performance, making it the ideal storage solution for typical PC workloads like web browsing, email, casual gaming, office productivity, and audio / video entertainment.
Easy to set up
SanDisk SSD comes with step-by-step instructions and easy cloning software to help you set up your new drive.