SanDisk Sport Clip and my mac book.

I’m having trouble with my sport clip. When I connect it to my mac, it charges but doesnt show up in my finder. Any suggestions? 


I get best results connecting my Clip Sport to my MacMini (2012) using the micro USB cable that came with the player. I am currently using OSX Yosemite.

When I connect my Clip Sport I see two storage drive icons appear on my desktop (pop-up locations depend on how many other icons I already have on my desktop). Sometimes these two icons are not adjacent and may appear underneath my open windows.  

      You can choose which devices are displayed on the Desktop by clicking Finder -> Preferences -> General  (I check all)

      I will drag these two icons to be adjacent in the upper left corner of my Desktop. Maybe they will show up there when I connect on another day (?)  I like to highlight both icons and right-click “Eject” when I complete my session.

I like to use the Sidebar in my Finder window to view my Devices, Shared, Favorites, etc.  The two storage drives appear under “Devices” in the Sidebar of my Finder window.  You can turn on Sidebar under the View command when Finder is your active window.  

      You can choose which devices are displayed in the Sidebar by clicking Finder -> Preferences -> Sidebar

Maybe something in these comments will help??

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