sandisk sansa m260 - Where to Buy???

Ok, first of all, I’d like to say hi to the other forumers here, and I hope you can answer my question(s)

Well, I really want to buy an m200 series mp3 player, but the available models out there are the m240(1gb) and the m250(2gb). I guess I’ll take the plunge and buy a sansa m250 as soon as I have the cash, but I really, Really, REALLY want to buy a sandisk sansa m260(4gb) for my first sandisk mp3 player. The problem is: where can I get one? I’ve searched all over the net and I still haven’t found a source for it(the sansa store isn’t selling the m200 series anymore). If anyone is reading this, please point me to the right website or refer me to a reseller.

Thanks for reading my post! :smiley:

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