Sandisk Problade Overheating

I’m having issues with my pro blade drives getting incredibly hot in the pro blade station. Since noticing this phenomenon, I have read about these drives failing due to to overheating- and am very worried that I will experience the same issue at some point. I spent a lot of money for this system and am a bit alarmed to hear nothing but silence from Sandisk.

The fans in my problade station only kick on at start up- after that they become quiet. Clearly something is happening in which the station is not adequately cooling the drives enough- because each pro blade becomes too hot to touch.

I am going to be contacting customer service about this- but it would be good if other people on this forum post the same issue.


Hi @ifilmcle ,

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the SD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting:


I had the same overheating issue recently after I got two more mags. Win11 OS + mags reformated to NTFS

The old mag has SN750E inside the enclosure, which runs NVMe X4 8GT/s (PCIe gen3), they are warm (around 40C) and the station is usually quiet and the fan runs occasionally at low speed.
The new mag has SN850XE inside the enclosure, which runs NVMe X4 16GT/s (PCIe gen4), the station fan runs frequently and lound. They’re much warmer and could burn your hand.


I’ve also experienced similar overheating issues. Using with Mac OS 14.4.1, the Pro-Blade Station fans will increase speeds until the device just over heats and shuts down. Its quite annoying and unexpected behavior when using the Pro-Blade Station to offload large amounts of video footage to these Pro-Blade drives. I thought the behavior was an isolated incident, but it happened multiple times during a 3 day shoot that generated 17.11TB of data, over the course of 3 days. The fan speed steadily ramps up, then shuts off, ejecting whatever Pro-Blade drives are mounted to the computer. I was also running an OWC Flex 8 RAID and X Camera Card, and those devices did NOT eject from the computer. So the behavior is isolated to the Pro-Blade Station.