sandisk mp3 player malfunction

this is the mp3 player that I have. I noticed that I cant go to the main menu on my device, all I see is the first song I have on the device and to change songs I have to press the left and right arrow keys. I cant og back, cant go to artists, voice, radio , nothing. all I see on my device is the name of my first song on the device, and im allowed ot switch songs wih arrow keys thats it. if i click on the back buton, it just takes me back to the first song i have. it wont let me go to menu or anywhere, just switching songs with the arrow keys.

There is no need for duplicate posts in 3 different boards, all asking the same thing.

I answered the one in the Clip Zip board, which since that is the player you have is the appropriate place for your question.

Answered in your duplicate post in the Clip Zip board.

There’s no need to post the same question 3 different times in different boards.