sandisk MicroSD 16GB Freeze issue

I bought a 16gb sandisk microsd card and it was working at first but with some problems, sometimes i would get error messages and have to take the card out and put it back in.  Soon after vista stated there was a problem with it and a format prompt came up, I clicked ok and it formated (supposedly).  After this the card was not recognizable and everything I place it in the adapter and in the computer it freezes up explorer.  The utility SDformatter v3.0 has the same problem.  When placed in the phone it doesn’t freeze it but the phone simply acts as if no sd card was in it.

IF anyone has an idea as to how i could salvage this card I’d be grateful.

Thank you

Is it a genuine SanDisk card bought from an authorized SanDisk dealer? There’s an awful lot of fake or counterfeit 16 & 32GB cards being sold out there.