SanDisk Micro SDHC Card doesn't display tracks names.


I have a 8GB Sansa Clip Zip and I love it.

I purchased a 32GB SanDisk Micro SDHC Card because I wanted to load more music on my Clip Zip but the tracks I load on the Card, once I turn on the player, do not show the name.

Can someone help me with it?

The music is MP3 or WMA. The card is FAT32.

I’ve attached 2 photos to show you what I mean. Sorry but I’m Italian and my English isn’t the best.

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What format are your tags in? The Clip Zip needs ID3V2.3 Iso8859-1 tags. how many songs are on the 32GB card? You probably exceeded the song limit. The original firmware(operating system) the player comes with has a limit of around 8,000 songs, but the limit could be much less if you have embedded album art or long filenames and tag names. The original firmware also has problems with some cards faster than class 4. If you install Rockbox(a free alternative operating system for the player) it might solve all your problems. Installing Rockbox though might make your player permanently unable to play protected files. So don’t install Rockbox if you use a subscription music service, or other protected files. To find out more about Rockbox go to

My Sandisk Clip Zip, Clip+, and Fuze are all Rockboxed!

Hi, thank you for answering.

I a programme called Mp3tag to order the music I download, since I like my music tidy. Might this be the problem?

But I couldn’t figure out how to see in what format my tags are.

The song limit is not a problem since it doesn’t even work when I only put one album on the Card.

I have tried Rockbox out, but I would rather use the original firmware since I like it much more.

After struggling a bit with it, it is working!


Thank you again.

MP3 tag is good. I use it.

In mp3Tag go to tools, options, tags, mpeg.

set it to read ID3V1 and ID3 V2

set it to write ID3 V2

          ID3V2.3 ISO 8859-1

set it to remove ID3V1 and APE

Click okay.

Select all your music, then click file, remove tag. It will remove the unnecessary tags, and keep the ones you need. When it finishes, click file save tag.

You should edit the copies of the music on your pc, delete the files on your player, then copy them from your pc again. Editing tags directly in the player’s memory might cause problems.

I was reluctant to use Rockbox for a long time, but once I got used to it I only use the original firmware when connecting the player. Rockbox offers so much control, giving around 60 choices of what the player displays and how it is displayed. The equilizer in Rockbox is so much better than in the original firmware. Rockbox also has crossfeed, which makes headphone listening much more natural, as it mixes part of the opposite channel to each earphone, like your ears hear when listening to speakers. you can turn off the crossfeed or customize it.

The Sandisk players have trouble with some cards that are faster than class 4.

If you fill up the 32GB card you will probably exceed the song limit for the original firmware. Rockbox has a much larger song limit. Rockbox is also said to work fine with cards faster than class 4. I only use class 2 or class 4  cards with my Sandisk players.

@jk98 wrote:

I was reluctant to use Rockbox for a long time, but once I got used to it I only use the original firmware when connecting the player.  


I don’t understand…why would you want to use the OF at all?

I feel more secure using the original firmware when transferring files, especially on the Clip Zip. Some have had issues with files they transferred using Rockbox on the Clip Zip. As an extra precaution, I also use the original firmware for transferring files to the Clip+. I don’t transfer files that often, perhaps less than 10 times a year.