SanDisk M2 Memory Card Help

Sorry if this isn’t the right sub-forum. I simply chose the one I felt most acceptable for this question.

Alright, so back in… November I got my Sony Ericsson w760a from AT&T and it came with this free memory card. Now this is the first time I’ve attempted to export files (in this case, videos) from my phone (the memory card, I’m positive they’re stored on there) to my computer for easier viewing/sharing. So I put my M2 Adapter with the memory card into the slot for it on my computer, an AutoPlay popup … well, pops up with several options to choose to view my pictures (it only mentions pictures, not videos, music, etc) and none of these options allow me to view (or store) the videos that I have on them. If I choose “View pictures using Windows” (I’m running on Windows Vista), a Windows Photo Gallery will popup on my screen, and I’ll be able to view the pictures fine, but once I’ve gone through them, it gets to the videos and it says “This video can’t be displayed” for whatever reason.

So basically, how do I export videos from my phone to my computer, I can’t send them via texts because they’re too long.

you can either use the cable that comes with the phone or send the files via bluetooth

Alright, how would I go about sending it via bluetooth? I’ve looked on the web and apparently your computer needs some sort of bluetooth connectivity device thing. Which mine doesnt have… I think. Is there anywhere I can safely download this?

I have a HP Pavillion Slimline that runs Vista, if that makes a difference.

if you computer doesn’t have a built-in bluethoot hardware, your cheapest alternative is using a data cable