Sansa E250 v1

Several things is wrong with it.

I can’t move anything from device to computer.

Media converter won’t detect. Arcsoft version. 

No pictures or videos showing up on it.

& I’m not sure about my sandisk micro sd card 1gb is it only allowed to use it on my mp3 to play music or videos & pictures also?

People wanting to help can post or message me.

Go to Settings/USB Mode, change to MSC, drag and drop.The other mode, MTP, needs Windows Media Player 10 or 11 installed on your computer. 

WMP 9 won’t work with MTP. 

Arcsoft Media Converter is ancient history. Get a newer version through the updater or here.

Vids and photos must go through Media Converter. But it’s still not so hot. You can also try Rhapsody software. I forget which USB Mode is needed–probably MTP.  

I don’t think the v1 will read videos from the card, only the internal memory. I’m not sure about photos, but I think that the same too (internal memory only).

Of course if you install Rockbox, I believe videos on the card is supported. It’s been quite a while since I played with it, so I could be mistaken.