Sandisk ixpand drive app issues

Hi, I think I’m the first to post issue about the ixpand mini here.

since there is no one to bother ask the Sandisk team from this forum.

Any technician / developer for sandisk ixpand drive app here ?I  won’t elaborate the issues here, because is too much, simply says that the app is unusable despite all the fancy UI.

I just bought the mini, I dont know about the previous version of this app, maybe good considering the high rating on the app store (4.8).I’m only using the latest version and very very dissapointed bought this drive.

I wish i read the latest comment/review from the app store about this app, so I could save some money from buying this well brand SANDISK drive

Please someone from the Sandisk here check the latest comment/reviewfrom the app store, you can find all kind of issues from all kind of language.

Don’t get too proud by looking only at the rating,


You can see that the app is completely awfull, too many dissapointed customer bought the drive and can only write their dissapontment in the app store. And some even complain the issues dated from 2 years ago. Sandisk should really take a serious action, you are foolling people by selling ixpand mini. maybe there is nothing wrong with the hardware drive itself, but you

need the app to acces the drive. BUT THE APP IS COMPLETELY UNUSABLE !!!

I also do complain with live chat support within the app, and the guy there suggestto write here, I take my bet writing this to be heard by Sandisk people.And he also suggest to talk to level 3 technician, any level 3 technician from sandisk here ?