SDK for third-party developers to access iXpand storage?

Or perhaps other developer support from SanDisk is available?

Hello tharlin welcome to the SanDisk Community,

We plan on launching a developer portal later this month. Once this is launched we will post a link here on the SanDisk Community. Since the developer portal has not launched yet I have PMed you the contact information for someone in the iXpand App team that can answer any questions you may have. 

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Thank you very much for releasing an ask to allow the drive to be used by other apps! I’ve been waiting a long time for something like this. Finally expandable storage for iOS that isn’t restricted to a single app :slight_smile:

Just curious - any plans to release a model with 256gb storage yet? 

Are there third party app developers on line?

The SanDisk app that I got seems to be - how shall I say this politely - ill-conceived.

What problems are you having? I had a couple of things to over come - I did reach out to support as well at some point and they came back very quickly and were very helpful.

I think I need to contact support today - my problems are many.

All I want to do is put my complete music library on the iXpand and access the music. It would be nice if the album artwork that imusic has no problem with would also show up.

But the app can’t seem to digest the amount of music you can put on a 128G iXpand. It drains the battery of my IOS and never finishes. There are a variey of problems with album artwork.

The whole thing seems poorly thought out. It’s like SanDisk didn’t even try to fill their device with music and see how the app works. Sigh. I’m hoping that someone that actually knows how to develop software will use there third-party progams and make the iXpand actually usefull for storing music libraries that use the capacity of the device.