Sandisk is run by traitors who try to ruin company reputation - why sandisk clip sport go is trash

Facts only.

Scum running the corporation because they are paid to do so. Ive been long time sandisk fan. And this latest peace of crap they are selling is beyond fun. Its utter trash. Yes sandisk clip sport go is garbage.
Its brand new. But compared to sandisk clip+ its nothing, its worse than nothing because its so bad it will turn silent fans away. Why would anyone would support this company then they willingly ruin the products?

So after the prelude which is the redpill I suppose I will share how this is beyond bad product. Maybe some real company person will take things and report the product designers as evil doers - thus I doubt low workers have any saying.

  1. So first - the buttons are too discomfortable compared to clip+. Its almost impossible to use this with one hand! It was suppose to be improved version over old product, but nope - its much worse.

The audio volume is discomfortable and in the wrong side, so if you are the majority of human population on earth you cant use with one hand as right-hander. Its sliperry and discomfortable.

  1. The navigation is so damn laggy compared to a relic, ancient clip+ sansa. Utter trash, so slow and laggy. Ofc its not a “bug” its by design. And you cant prove me its as responsive as sansa clip+ unless you have a video lol.

  2. Picture mode - must be what slows down. Who has these pictures man? Who?? I listen to dj mix almost as often as some random game ost. pictures really? it takes WHOLE screen. Its garbage. So what? it ruins everything else because nothing else can be seen like… for example - time or audio track time. So picture mode - lag mode!

  3. No track time. You listen to mix and you dont know is this 10th minute or 40th minute? WHO CARES - you got PICTURE! which almost nobody does unless you listen to some boring music tunes which you will get bored of album picture after day 1. NO TRACK TIME - how is that for a selling point? big MINUS.

  4. You want to skip mix? haha… no you cant. If you got 1hour audio mix you cant just skip to the middle like in…every music player, no… it skips so slowly. Might take 10min to skip 1hour audio. lol And while you are skipping you dont know which time are you on - are you skipped to 20th minute or not yet. You cant know it because the UI is so bad it doesnt show it!

  5. so many buttons to press to see song information - and its twice as discomforable because you must use two hands to fiddle this crap. Had no such problems on sansa clip+

  6. It takes twice as long to turn the damn thing on. Why? So we dont accidentaly turn the device on? Do we need to press those 10seconds? Why not 3seconds like sansa clip+? Too much to ask - must ruin the product with another small nuisance!

  7. Radio - did they even tested that crap? Yes they did, and they decided to ruin it. Its impossible to use radio now. Everything is bad there. Everything means everything. Cant skip from station to station, the favourite station list is a joke of usability. Just use what worked great - like your ancient relic products. But no, some terrorists had to ruin this product and turn silent fans from sandisk away to some other company instead.

  8. Folder system is a joke - its so bad, you have press so many buttons to jump from folder to folder, must you two hands and look what you pressing… so convoluted and inefficient and just bad design overall. Did they even tested it? its digusting. You cant make this bad by accident. They ruined this on purpose.

  9. Hey… i see system files! how cool is that - why i must see system files while trying to listen to music? What am I suppose to do with these podcast.lib? and 20 other files? Cant they be hidden? Let me guess - “the technology isnt there yet”. Another total scum move.

  10. Folder option forces you to see system volume, podcats folder and many other which you are not allowed to delete! So many junk gets in your way you have to use this crap like mobile phone. Both hands fiddling around. Going from folder to folder is such a chore - and yes the UI is so damn laggy, already mentioned this but it must be repeated because its so significant and annoying!

  11. The ui is garbage. boring white, uninformative crap with “picture” in it lol. What a joke. sansa clip has yellow and cyan. Much cooler than just PLAIN WHITE. YUCK. Also no timer, no clock(why not add this thing, sansa didnt had it)

  12. The clip sport go is so round and slippery. Damn designers really wanted to ruin everything! Disfomfortable everything just for the sake of “looks good in pictures” since you cant find it in local store to try and see for yourself. Profit for the cost of shunning customers away.

  13. Volume issue - you unlock volume in settings but everything you make volume louder than than half it shoves that alert on screen every time asking if I want to make it louder. Well I already unlocked the volume you fools!

And if I decide to lock the volume, they still shove the alert on screen - like f… off. I made the volume in the settings, keep asking me about that every time. The hell is this? Very annoying thing!

  1. Where is my “recently added” and “top rated” category in QUICK launch? on sansa clip+ it was there on the touch of the button. One click away to see and use it. Where is on this crap? NOWHERE thats there - because “f… you dear customer” clip sport go is “better” than your old player. Get used to it. :frowning:

The go list is so badly hidden its basically unusable. Very discomfortable to use it. Again the UI is at fault. But UI didnt choose to born this way. Designers really ruined this product.

  1. How many songs are in this folder, that folder? CANT SEE - stop asking! I can see on my old one.

Do I need to continue? Ask yourself, does this product needs 100 attrocious annoyances for sandisk to apologise and stop selling it? they wont… because they are ran by traitors who want to ruin the company. It happened when WD bought them out - they stopped trying. They started ruining.

These are important negatives. It should be none of these. Clip sport go should be better than old one. Now it has nothing better than old one. Nothing but a lot of bad things in it.

“we ruin sandisk reputation on purpose, go support other company you fool” ← thats sandisk attitude. Thanks sandisk!