Sandisk internal SDSSDP-064 not in Windows 7 drive list

I bought a Sandisk internal SDSSDP-064G-G25 to use on an older parallel drive laptop but the SATA to parallel adapter is not suitable. So I put it in an external USB 3 box. The box and the drive are seen by device manager but the drive is not listed in the Drive list so I cannot format it or use it.

Is there a way of making it useable as an external drive?

OK I installed the toolkit and it recognised the drive then I found a link on how to format it via Disk Managemement and the drive is now formatted but it still does not appear in the Drive list?

in disk management ensure an available drive letter has been assigned to the disk. Once that is done it should show in Windows explorer. 

Yes thanks that was it. It works perfectly!