sandisk extreme warranty


i would like to buy this usb 16 gb version:

there is written it has life warranty or 50 years w.

1, but there is not explained what is warranty for ? for example of i will be using if often and write/rewrite often, multi level memory cells will die soon. is warranty to this thing too ? will they give me new one ?

2, and assume case i will buy it somewhere in middle europe. i will carry it to seychelles. use it there and happens the die of cells. will they give me at my space(seychelles) new piece of sandisk extreme ?

please explain in detail both issues.

many thanks

This question really should be addressed directly to SanDisk. This is a user’s forum, so while I am not privy to all the small print, exclusions, situations and so forth I would say that the answers are most likely

  1.  Yes
  2.  No

ok ty

how may I ask them directly pls

my country miss there

Where are you? You mentioned you would buy the card in Europe. Did you click on the Europe link on the Contact-Us page?

simply my country name is not in the list of european countries supported there

Just tough luck I guess. But you can always ask the reseller or store what the warranty includes.