Memory Card Lifetime Warranty Cross-Availibility Between Regions?

Let’s say I bouth the card in the US and want the warranty applied in the EU. Or vica versa. Can I do that? Is it worldwide? Or I have to ship it back to the country I bought it from? Does Sandisk at least cover return shipping?

Also, what documents are needed that I bought the card and it’s not a fake?

Since the warranty does not directly address these questions, I suggest you ask SanDisk themselves:

SanDisk Customer Service/Tech Support

So Sandisk employees read (and write) this forum? They better answer on the warranty issue here publicly for customer confidance.

For example you can be sure an OCZ SSD has international warranty, just go to their forum and OCZ representatives make it clear for you.

@market wrote:

So Sandisk employees read (and write) this forum?

Very rarely. This is a user’s forum. That’s why I supplied the link to SanDisk Customer Service contact info world-wide. If this is an issue for you or have questions, they would be the people in the position to ask for clarification.