SanDisk Extreme USB Flash Drive and SMART failure

I just recieved 3 64GB SanDisk Extreme USB Flash Drives and all three show SMART failures of Reallocated Bad Sectors. I find it hard to believe that all three could be bad at initial use. I use a program on the Mac (SoftRAID) to certify all drives prior to use, including SD cards and USB drives. I’ve never seen a failure until today.

The drives did show succesful certification but exhibit a SMART failure.

Is this a drive issue or a SMART issue or what?



I agree that it is unlikely to have failed on initial use. Most likely it is a issue with the SMART attributes. IIRC sandisk does not support SMART for this product so it it formats with no error and data can be copied to the drives successfully I would not worry too much about it. 

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which firmware version with your USB drive? my Extreme USB Flash Drive passed SMART.

witch firmware version with your  Extreme USB Flash Drive? my  Extreme USB Flash Drive passed SMART