Extreme PRO USB 3.1 256 GB, Remaining Life = 0, Temp = 8°C, SMART infos


I have bought 2 new USB 3.1 Extreme PRO 256 GB via 2 different e-commerce channel (Amazon & eBay).

When looking at the Device Infos with different Tools I am very surprise that the SMART infos does report:

a Remaining Life = ZERO

and also

a constant Temp = 8°C

Before to RMA these USB keys I would like to know if any users got the same bad experience.

I do use Extreme PRO USB 3.0 128GB without any problems for a long time and SMART infos are quite correct.

Do I have to suspect all the USB 3.1 Extreme PRO manufactured recently and sell on the planet ?

CrystalDiskInfo is a hdd measuring tool.  Flash drives are not hdds.

this USB drive does not support app the SMART attributes the CDI has options for so it does not know what to display. typically no USB drive will ahve full SMART support. 

Hello drlucky,

What are you telling ? Why Sandisk USB 3.0 64GB and 128GB does support the SMART attributes ?

Are thinking USB 3.1 products family should offer less than USB 3.0 products family ?

It’s probably a common issue.

I also have two older drives, 64 and 128GB. Both have worked perfectly for over two years. Bought a 256GB drive recently and it had the same issue. Sent it back to Sandisk, just received the replacement and guess what - same thing!

To YourComputerGuy,

I do observe you get the same bad experience with the USB 3.1 models.

The reply from Sandisk to be not worry that USB 3.1 product line does offer LESS quality and functionality than USB 3.0 product line is inadmissible.

I understand that MAY BE  in the future USB 3.1products line will do offer the SMART support as currently USB 3.0 products line does !

At the moment I do use USB 3.0 products line ( 32GB, 64GB, 128GB) exclusively.

I wait for Sandisk will prove one day their any USB 3.1 product do offer NOT LESS than any  USB 3.0 product.