SanDisk Extreme Pro CFast Reader/Writer SSDR-299-A46

Hi All,

I’m a complete newbie regarding the product listed above in the subject line. I recently purchased this as an open-box item and want to confirm that it’s operational and not defective.

I don’t currently own a CFast Memory Card, so I don’t have a card to insert to test the functionality. I’ve connected it via USB to a couple Macs and a PC and I get no indication that the Reader/Writer is connected. The blue light and hue from the unit doesn’t activate, as shown in several photos of the item, and it doesn’t show in the list of peripherals connected in the USB listing of devices connected to any of the computers when the SanDisk is plugged in. 

I called SanDisk and got conflicting information. The rep first said the Reader/Writer would show the blue light if it was working properly, even without a card inserted. She then 'checked her resources" and said the opposite was true, that an inserted card was necessary for the item to show that it was powered and working properly. 

So I’m hoping someone out there could provide the correct, definitive information on this. Thank you in advance for any info!