CFast 2.0 Card and Reader Issue

I bought Canon 1DXII, it comes with Sandisk 128 CFast card + Reader, which I notice:

  1.  It heats up or warm up to around 100F after plug in computer (PC & MAC) very quick;

  2.  Some of the RAW file & JPG are corrupted (at the lower right corner):

     -  Some Raw file shows corrupted in the CFast card.

     -  Some Raw file shows OK with Bridge & DPP4 in the CFast card and copy to MAC ok.  But after awhile (hrs or days) when I re-read some same good file in the card at the beginning show corrupted in the CFast card late on .

  1.  Canon has replaced a card and a reader, but problem still there.

  2.  Canon mentioned Japan has noticed this issue, and most likely in caused by the card & reader.  They are trying to figure out the solution.

  3.  I noticed that computer load the CFast card as external drive.  And MAC writes some hidden files to the CFast whenever plugged in the reader.

  4.  There are some discussion of this in & .

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Just have another file was good (copied from CFast card to office Mac) this afternoon and viewed in Br,

But gone bad (just copied from CFast card to home Mac) tonight, and shows corrupted :frowning:

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