Sandisk Extreme Portable Pro SSD 55AF - Firmware and Installation instructions?


Has anyone found the firmware and/or the installation instructions for the Sandisk Extreme Portable Pro SSD 55AF (SDSSDE81-1T00-G25)?

Here’s the original text from the included paper “Safety and Warranty Guide”:

Installation Guidelines:
Before installing the Sandisk SSD please take all necessary precautions to comply with the Desktop/Notebook manufacturer’s handling instructions.
For optimum performance, download latest firmware for your SSD from
> For detailed installation instructions:

When you follow the Firmware link you’ll be rerouted to Western Digital Support where you after filling out the form eventually end up at:
However I don’t see any firmware or what so ever. Just the encryption software for Windows and Mac.

When you follow the link to the installation instructions, you will end up at a document in the Japanese language and the pictures don’t even come close to a Sandisk Extreme Portable Pro SSD 55AF.


Reply from SanDisk Customer Support:

Dear ,

Thank you for contacting SanDisk® Global customer support.

I understand that you are using the SanDisk Extreme Pro Portable V2 1TB. Please allow me to inform you that the drive that you are using is a external SSD which is a direct plug and play data storage device. You can connect the SSD directly to the computer with the provided cable and start transferring files through copy/paste and drag/drop. The SSD does not require any installation or firmware to get started. Firmware updates are only available for internal SSD drives.

Please reply to this email should you require further assistance. We are glad to help!

Best regards,
Allan B.
SanDisk® Global Customer Support

Allan B.

I wanted to quickly chime in to this question as I have the same query. The instructions explicitly state, “For optimum performance, download latest firmware for your SSD”.

Are you saying that both the paper printed instructions that come with the SSD and the version that are currently listed online are both incorrect?

I’m fine with typo’s and/or slightly incorrect info, but just want to clarify 100% before I stop searching and start using the new SSD.