SanDisk Extreme Go USB-3.1 / 128Gb too slow...


a SanDisk Extreme Go USB-3.1 stick with 128Gb (SDCZ800-128G) writes large files (!) with ~38 Mb/sec only if connected to several different usb-3.0 Motherboards.

It has been tested with Win7pro/ Win10pro, exFAT/NTFS, source = ssd!

Stick has been announce with “up to 200 MB/s read speed” and “150 MB/s write speed”.

On same motherboards an older SanDisk Extreme USB-3.0 stick with 64 Gb (SDCZ80-064G) writes with > 100 Mb/sec.

Any hint about this behaviour?

Thx + regards!

Really no hint about this issue?