Sandisk Extreme USB 3.0 Slow read and write speeds.


I have an sandisk extreme tumb drive (64GB), it should get around 190Mb/s read/write. It worked fine for a couple of weeks and now it only show around 40Mb/s read/write speeds. 

Does someone know how to fix this?

kind regards,


I did an Atto R/W test on my San Disk Extreme 64gb in my usb 2.0 port and got Read/Write speeds of 40’s. Maybe the port or the driver. Usb device tree viewer is a good utility to use for this information. Good Luck

Hi, have you tried to try it with another PC? I think it would also depend on the size that you’re trying to transfer since it will do a lot of error checking. It just have a lot of factors affecting the data transfer, not just the the device.