SanDisk Extreme 500 SSD Windows XP install?

Is there a way to install the SanDisk Extreme 500 SSD on a Dell laptop running Windows XP with USB 2.0 ports?

When I plug it in it recognizes that hardware was plugged in and that’s it, it just hangs there.

I was hoping to back up my data so the Sandisk so I can transfer everything AND have a backup of all of my data.

the extreme 500 come formatted in the exFAT sile system. Microsoft used to provide a patch for XP to add exFAT support but that patch is no longer available.  You could try connecting the drive to a Win 7 or higher computer and formatting in NTFS and see if that would work with XP. It may not work though and XP is not a supported OS for the drive so if it does not work there may not be a lot of options for you. 

you need some process under WINXP.
(1)Use command “diskpart” then " listdisk" to select your extreme ssd 512GB,then run command “clean” to erase GPT partition
(2) to control penal to create NEW NTFS partition ,then format new partition, my sandisk extreme.e60 512GB under windosXP work
(3)if your extreme ssd now have data on it, you need temper backup it to HDD, finished re-parttion ,backup data to SSD, notion: if you direct run diskpart then clean ,all data on extreme SSD will lost.