SanDisk Extreme 3.0 16GB Out-of-the-box (factory) Unit Allocation Size

Recently i formatted my 16 gb extreme to another cluster size (data allocation unit size as windows puts it) but forgot the out-of-the-box factory default cluster size. windows puts it on 8 kb default.

Was it 16 kB when it came out of the box? Can you guys please tell me if you have the exact thumbstick?

Thank you.

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you can just format with the standard options because there is no big difference in the cluster size anyway so no need to worry about it.

I think it depends on what you plan to put on the drive.  If you’re using it for large files; movies, music, backups and alike the larger cluster size is fine.  But if you’re putting a lot of small files on it, it will fill up faster.

deponia --> I just want to let you know that your reply was essentially a non-answer and practically worthless.  So if you don’t know the answer then please don’t waste our time by replying.  Some of us are looking for the size of the allocation unit that was on the device when it came from the factory.  And for someone to reply “it doesn’t matter” “or there is no difference” or “why?” provides ZERO information to us.  It also shows just how little you know about the subject at hand.  There certainly is a difference when it comes to allocation unit size when formatting these devices, so please do the research and provide meaningful answers to questions like this or simply don’t reply.  


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I would preferably format it to NTFS unless you intend to use your flash drive to a machine that doesn’t understand NTFS yet. You can simply use the windows default format tool and just select the default allocation size official website