Sandisk Extreme 2TB SDSSDE61 Seen in USB Biut Not In Disk Utility Mac OS 12.4

I just bought the Sandisk Extreme 2TB SDSSE61-2TOO. If I plug it using the USB-C cable that came with the SSD in the box into my 2021 M1 Max MacBook Pro 16", I can see the Portable External SSD in About This Mac/Overview/System Report/USB. But I cannot see it in Disk Utility. I get the same results if I restart, if I use al the USB-C ports on my MacBook Pro. Is there anything else I can do? Thanks.

Hi @rtsy,

Please refer to the instructions mentioned in the below articles and let us know if the issue is resolved:

Title: Windows Or macOS Cannot Find My Drive (Drive is not detected by host system):