Sandisk Cruzer Slice

Hi everybody

I hope this will be answered quickly, as this is urgent. I bought the cruzer slice and apparently it has a vault with a password. I do not need this. I wanted to copy a file of 13GB in the main directory but my system told me that there is insufficient space (it is a 32GB stick, 29GB available it says). I have no idea why but I think it might be because of the vault program (I don’t know, seems the only explanation to me). Is it ok to just delete everything on it, including the software? Or will this “destroy” my stick?

Thanks in advance


The problem is not the files/folders on the Cruzer rather the format of the Cruzer, which is FAT32.  The FAT32 format will only support files up to 4GB in size.

If you can breakup your 13GB file into 4GB segments that will work.  If you can’t then you will have to reformat the Cruzer to the NTFS format.  Formating will wipe out all the files/folders currently on the device so if you want to use them at some point in the future backup them up to your hard drive before formating the Cruzer. 

This quick enough for you?  :smileyvery-happy:

Thank you very much for your reply. I discovered this myself, but thanks anyway. But when I format the stick the software will be deleted as well, is this a problem? I do not intend to use this, so it does not matter to me. I’m just afraid the whole thing won’t work anymore :smileyvery-happy:  

Thanks again!

Edit: Yes, this was quick enough. I posted this at night and didnt expect an answer yet so more than quick enough!

I took the risk and it worked. The cruzer slice is still working after I formatted it to NTFS. Thanks!

Thank you for the update.  Always good to hear a Happy Ending.  :smiley: