SanDisk Cruzer Pop Media 16GB - Need to remove read only protection. not able to format drive


How do i remove the read only protection on the flash drive? i need to format the drive to make it read/write. currrently i can only add and not remove and this is a headache. the flash drive should comes with read/write endable and not lock it up. 

Please do help me immediately



How do i remove the read only protection on the flash drive?”   " currrently i can only add and not remove"

Have never heard of this situation before.  Suspect your pc’s OS, security system or app writing to the drive.

i tried on my mac and pc and it states read only. not able to delete and format. 
how do i change it to write? thanks

If the drive is read only and you are not able to add files to it like you wrote before then you need to return it to where you bought it or to SanDisk.  It’s defective. 

I have the same problem, after the first time that I put files on it and used it , the drive locked up just like described before.

the shop doesn’t want to take it back because their policy says one week, after that you have to refer to a service center or sandisk directly.