sandisk cruzer blade problem, troubleshooting, does not recognize, Kies

ANybody who has samsung kies program in computer and sandisk flashdisk… they donot work togather. in start menu of your windows (mine is w7 home) write “msconfig” and enter.

then a window will appear. there, you go to statup and uncheck everything about KIes. this is the startup programs to start automatically when win starts. it will as to resatr. do it.

then next time your sandisk will not be recognised. dont care. without touching sandisk, shut down computer and turn on again. every thing will be fine.

I read it smwhere and applied 4 myslef now everything works.

Kies? you have to start manually when you need.

Thanks! This solved my problem with Cruzer Blade on XP machine.

It is werid though, because Kies is also installed (and running at startup) on W7 and I didn’t have an issue on that maching.

Not really sure if this would help though, but I wasn’t able to Install Samusung Kies on my W7 64 bit laptop. It might be an incompatibility issue though.

Did you have the 64-bit version?  Did you try running the install in Compatibility mode?  I don’t have Kies so I’m guessing.