Sandisk cruzer blade - electric card got cracked

I have a sandisk cruzer blade and its electric card got cracked right where the usb is placed and it won’t work anymore.
I don’t really need this flash drive, I just want to extract the content it has because I don’t have a backup of it.

Is there anyway to fix it?
I tried to search for a solution online and I saw people soldering a new usb to the card instead of the one that’s there, can one of you guide me how to do so or some other solution?

These are the pictures of the flash drive and the crack:

There are risks to solder usb connector by youself if you know nothing about it.  You should turn to  the professionals for help.

I know how to solder, I just don’t know where exactly, there should be 4 soldering points to solder a new usb connector, but I don’t know where are they.