Sandisk Cruzer Blade 8Gb corrupted

I was trying to create a bootable windows 7 image in my pendrive using Microsofts Windows 7 USB download tool but unfortunately the process stopped in the middle.After that the when i try to format pen drive it shows “The media is write protected”. When checked through disk management it shows the file system as RAW.Now Im stuck with this.I bought it only two days before. Also I tried diskpart while givng clean command it shows disk is write protected. I have tested this with Windows 7,8.1 and win 10.But there is no use. Please helpme to solve it. 

Return it and get another one. There is no known repair option.

I never had any issues with the write-protected issues. If I did, I would have followed the suggested methods.

I know that this Website is an old discussion thread. It does not hurt to try those suggested methods, if you are comfortable working with Windows Registry Editor. Just make sure you keep a backup copy of the Windows registry.

Last, I would not attempt to return SanDisk product until I know for sure that the product IS defective. Sometimes it is best not to cast blame on the company until you find a common thread among other users of the same problem.

I hope this helps resolve your problem.

Best of luck!