sandisk cruzer 8gb firmware 1,27

i need sandisk cruzer 8gb firmware 1,27 have you got anyone?

From what I know, there is no firmware for flash drives. May I please know what your issue is?

hi im memis from Türkiye 

i m copying video data 5-7 gb from pc to usb flash device everday. i have short time during copying video  aproxlimatelly 15 minutes. i buy sandisk cruze 8 gb usb stick box(in 50 sticks) there is some code number under the boxes . but some boxes there isnt code number .i think serial number . for example 54-56-0296 and big circle company mark.these usb memories are  fast 12-13 mb/sb data copying rate. altought some box hasn’t code and stamp these usb memories are  slow 3-4 mb/sn data copying rate. furthermore i checked  all usb memories firmware version from device manager and  usbdeview  software .these fast ones  has a version  1,27 and slow ones has a firmware version  1,26. as well as i plug usb memory ver 1,27  to any usb socket  computer found to identify local disk but ver 1,26 to identify removable disk . as a result i want to change 1,26 ones to 1,27.

i hope you understand me . thank you for your help.

:smiley:   Hi Fatall,

Dear member of SanDisk Community, welcome.

I commend you for your intelligent observation.

The program USBDeview, shows as “firmware”, what the program ChipGenius, shows as: “Device Revision”.


1-   This data is not in the package, then, you can not know before you buy.

2-   I do not know, no company, that have a tool, to update the internal software of your UFD (pendrives and card).

These, are “industrial secrets”, jealously guarded.

3-   For more certainty, contact with SanDisk Technical Support:


Regards, Alfred.                                                         (Google translated)

you r right. :frowning: