Sandisk Connect Wireless Media Drive - Supports OTG Cable?


I need to connect my camera directly to the device itself, using a regular USB cable.

I see that the product has microUSB connection in order to charge and make it a portable storage device.

So I wonder - if I will plug a OTG cable to the microUSB port and the camera to the cable - will it will be able to get the data from the camera using the app (with a smartphone for example)?

I know that it is working with the SD slot, so the bottom line - will it work on the microUSB slot also?


No it does not support this type of transfer. the USB cable is a micro USB that plugs into the Media Drive and a normal USB on the other side to plug into the computer. It is MSC onlynd does not support OTG. 

I see.

What about the SD slot? can I somehow connect the camera using USB/the XD card itself to the SD slot?

As far as I know, there is no such adapter.

Do you have a solution for my case?


Would this fit my needs?

@rontg wrote:

I see.

What about the SD slot? can I somehow connect the camera using USB/the XD card itself to the SD slot?



No that would not work and the card slot is SD only so XD would not work either. 

@rontg wrote:

Would this fit my needs?

that seems to be a micro SD adapter. what kind of camera do you have?does the camera use micro SD cards or XD

cards? if it is a micro SD (SD,SDHC, or SDXC) card you can use a micro to full size SD adapter and use the card in the card slot. 

It suppose to be a USB-to-SD adapter, so I wonder if I will connect the camera directly to the adapter (using a USB cable - like it was connected to a PC), and insert the adapter to the sd slot - will the Sandisk Connect device will treat the camera as a SD card and I would get an access to the files?

Unfortunately, the camera only works with XD card, so I am trying to find the right solution without being have to use a computer between them.

That adapter is for a micro SD card. It will allow you to use the micro SD card in a full size SD host and directly to a USB port. It will not allow you to bridge a camera to a SD host.  so no that would not work either sorry. 

I thought it is a “female” usb adapter,

as it says in the description - “- It can read data (with USB interface)”


do you know any product that can fix it for me?

can you suggest a solution I didn’t think of?

I will try my luck for the last time:

My camera has a microusb slot from which I connect the USB cable to the PC in order to get the photoes. If I connect the above product to the slot can it move the files to the microsd card automatically?

My camera has 2 modes for delivering: storage and MTP

Thanks alot!

that product is to connect a micro SD card to a mini usb port. there is no OS nor anything  like that with a micro sd card will let you interact with the camera. The camera also will not automatically dump the pictures to a mass storage device. Basically I am not aware of any hardware that could accomplish what you are looking to do. My best advise would be to upgrade the camera to something that is not using the obsolete XD technology. 

I understand

I can buy the MASD-1 adapter (which suppose to convert sd to xd) but I dont think it is compatible with my camera.

Anyway - if I am using a smartphone that compatible with OTG - when I connect the camera to the phone using an OTG cable - atleast this is gonna work, right?

not likely the camera would need to be an OTG device as well IIRC