SanDisk Connect 32gb

Hi All,

  I bought a connect yesterday.  I followed the instructions and plugged it in to a ac charger.  The amber light illuminated and I let it charge.  When I tried to use it, pushing the button seemed to do nothing.  No lights, not showing on my phone.  I plugged it in to my P.C and none of the light illuminated.  I could access the storage.  I even updated the firmware by drag and dropping it on to the device.  The lights illuminated while it updated and the file was removed after the install.  The button still seems to not power the unit on.  Is there something I should try or is this thing a dud?



You can at last try to reset hte device to see if its on a frozen state with the following steps:

If that also do not work then it might that the battery of the device is defective and needs to be replaced so you can go to the reseller or contact sandisk support to replace it with a new one.