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i Have a problem with sandisk germany .

last year my mp3 player had some technical problems.

I sent the player to the guarantee store and get a few days later a new one.

Now the new one I get has also technical problems and I have guarantee till the end of the year.

But the sandisk support said that the code of the player has no guarantee because its over the guarantee period.

The player I get has an older producition code it means they sent me a new player with a production code older than ther first I bought.

I can not understand why i dont have any guarantee any more and sandisk dont want to repair or change my mp3 player.

Its not my fault that they sent me a player with an older production code.

What can I do now??

Please note that the warranty starts from the date you originally bought the 1st player, not the age of the replacement. For example, if you bought a player and it was replaced under warranty with only 2 months left under the warranty, the 2nd (or replacement) player is only warranted for those remaining 2 months, not another year (or 2 years in the EU) as you might think. The warranty does not reset with a replacement device or product.


i have bought my player October 2013 (Germany)

this means I have guarantee till October 2015.

The problem is the replacent player they sent me is older (production code) than the first player i have bought.

The Support say this player has no warranty.

But I have warranty till October 2015

Its not my mistake they sent me a replacement player with a very old production code.

SanDisk doesn’t typically monitor the forum and provide individual help here.  You should really speak directly with SanDisk in your country/whomever you are dealing with now, and provide that same explanation.

thats the problem

the sandisk support for germany dont want to discuss it.

They say that the player has no warranty any more and also they say i am lying and this is not the replacemnet player they sent me last year but this is the player i get from them.

Its really unbelievable and i am so angry

i will never buy again a sandisk product

i still can not believe that they dont want care about my warranty.

What are the details of your “technical problem” now? Maybe it’s not something that the player would need replacement for, and someone here could help you with it.

the warrany for sandisk PLayer is 24 mOnths in Germany

but good to know that sandisk in reality dont want to give 24 months

dont be surprised if sandisk ignore your guarantee

colamix24 wrote:

_ the sandisk support for germany dont want to discuss it. _

Tapeworm wrote:

What are the details of your “technical problem” now?

Apparently you don’t want to either. :confounded:

Thanks for wasting our time. :angry:

Mr. Tapeworm

I have send a dozen emails, pictures and lost a lot of time to understand that your support has a problem and dont want to give me my warranty.

Now the local court in GErmany have to make the decision if sandisk can play with his customers.

YOu have products and you give warranty 24 months you can not ignore this. Its unacceptable that you dont wnat to repair your product.

Have a nice day

Mr. Colamix…

…you still refuse the help that’s been offered to you. If you tell the forum what the technical problem actually consists of, there’s the possibility that we can help you with it and all your annoyance may end in smoke. It’s your decision.

And BTW, none of the participants here is a SanDisk representant.


how you can help me ? its not a software problem its a technical problem it needs to be repaired…

Kopfhöreranschluss(headphine jack defective loose contact?) erzeugt Wackelkontakt bzw. es ist nicht mehr möglich störungsfrei Musik zu hören.

“you still refuse the help that’s been offered to you.”

you still believe this?

sandisk support know  the problem i have explained them in german

HAve a nice day

You didn’t mention this before. So please be kind and forgive our silly helpfulness!

You didn’t mention this before. So please be kind and forgive our silly helpfulness!

Are you sure the headphone plug is fully inserted? When the player is new, the jack is tight, and it takes a bit of force to get the plug fully inserted.