sandisk clip sport bluetooth delete

how do i delete the bluetooth sync

to remove a bluetooth device you have to go to settings > system settings > restore

This is the problem I have with my new CSP. I tried to link up with my Bose SLIII Speaker and it looked like everything paired up nicely. The Bose went from a flashing white bluetooth symbol th a solid symbol and a beep, meaning IT thought it was paired. The CSP showed the Bose in the bluetooth catagory and bluetooth was on. The earbuds went silent, but the speaker never took over.

After giving up on trying to get some sound out of the speaker, I thought I’d just turn bluetooth off on the CSP and go back to earbuds for now, but guess what…earbuds still muted.

I had to do the reset thing and lost all my presets and such.

If this is the only way to switch between bluetooth and earbuds, I may have to reconsider my purchase.

Any ideas? Firmware upgrade coming? (I have current firmware ver)


>>>If this is the only way to switch between bluetooth and earbuds, I may have to reconsider my purchase.

No, that is NOT only way to ‘switch’.  You do the reset when you want to PERMANENTLY undo the pairing(s).

I had two devices paired with my CSP::  a pair of earbuds, and then a few days later, I bought a full over-the-head

set of ‘headphones’.  So, then, you’ll see TWO separate devices listed on the bluetooth-device(s) screen.

What I also noticed, after listening on the headphones, I then powered down the CSP.  When I powered it back up,

I hoped/expected that the headphones would (still) be the selected device, but it wasn’t.   I had to ‘select’ it again,

via that bluetooth-dialog screen. To ‘select’ which paired device that you want to use at the moment, you use the

up/down buttons to get to the desired device, and then hit center button, and a check-mark appears (after a short

2-3second delay, as I recall).

[Since I don’t plan to ever use the earbuds with my CSP anymore, I did the ‘reset’ thing, leaving no devices paired, and

then (re)-paired the headset, so that (hopefully) I won’t need to do this ‘select’ step going forward.]

One NEAT and unexpected thing occurred after doing the factory reset.  I (incorrectly) assumed that all my MP3

files would be gone and need to be re-loaded, but they were still there!  (Makes sense…good design, SanDisk!

Since it’s easy to delete music files via other means.  I’d think easiest is to re-connect via the cable to PC and

use PC GUI-software or cmd-line software to cleanup the CSP’s music-folder as desired.)

BTW, I gotta put in a recommendation…that over-the-head headphones seem much preferred, over earbuds.  (My

wired earbuds were inconvenient during physical exercise…one or the other ear’s would fall out a time or three during

an hour-long workout.)  The past few weeks of observing others at ‘Planet Fitness’ reveals that MANY folks are turning

these over-the-head bluetooth headsets.  Much more comfortable!  (I chose the Skullcandy ‘Grind’ model,

which got  PC-Editors choice, over other models in the less-than-$100 range.  Sound quality seems quite good,

and the soft pseudo-leather ear-cups are nice!)